This is it: every time Nintendo launches a new console (Gamecube, Wii, DS, 3DS, etc.) every gamer everywhere complains that there wasn't a new Mario game on day one. With the Wii U, Nintendo's finally given us what we asked for in the form of New Super Mario Bros. U.

It may not be another Mario Galaxy, but the NSMB line is as solid as they come. And even compared to its predecessors, the level design in New Super Mario Bros. U really shines. Yoshi is back in multiple awesome forms, and the game features an exciting overworld—we don't believe this much care and design has gone into a Mario level select screen since Super Mario World.

Multiplayer is present as well, of course, allowing up to four to team up with the GamePad and Wii Remotes. And though touch controls are kept to a minimum, you can pull the game down onto the GamePad's screen for a more portable experience. Bottom line: if you're getting a Wii U, you're getting NSMBU.