Ever since Portal got us all ramped up for testing and doing research, we've been all about science. And now we've got an opportunity to do some real science (don't tell GLaDOS we said her tests aren't real science!).

East Carolina University doctoral student Andrew Byrne needs some help with his dissertation so he can get his Ph.D. Specifically, he needs MMO players to fill out survey about their habit. Doesn't matter whether or not you're actually addicted to MMOs, as long as you're a player.

Byrne, who is reportedly a WoW player himself, is working with the University's Department of Addiction and Rehabilitation Studies. If you're going to fill out the survey, please be honest. This is not the SATs. You're not being graded. They don't even take your name. Fudging the answers only makes for bad science.

[via Kotaku]