We know that superheroes spend most of their time pounding on bad guys and saving the world from certain doom, but it's their personal lives that interest us the most. Over the years we’ve seen some of the best romances in modern fiction spring up in the pages of comic books, and on February 6, DC is shining the spotlight solely on the love lives of these demigods in the upcoming one-shot Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special.

Writers and artists like Andy Diggle, Ann Nocenti, Cecil Castellucci, Peter Milligan, Gene Ha, Emanuella Luppichinno, Phil Jimenez, and Sanford Green will be tackling the romantic sides of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Batwoman, Aquaman, Mera, Apollo, Midnighter, and Dick Grayson in this 64-page behemoth anthology.

And with the inclusion of Batwoman, Apollo, and Midnighter – who are all openly homosexual – this collection looks to possibly break some boundaries along the way. Check out the cover for the book by Kenneth Rocafort below:

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[via DC Comics]