To kick off the release of Square Enix’s Hitman®: Absolution™, the latest chapter in the saga of the world’s deadliest assassin-for-hire, Complex Magazine got together with accessory all-star Flud, to create a limited-edition designer watch as part of the "47 Initiative" capsule collection. Check out the video above to learn more about the process of incorporating Agent 47™ into the Flud 47 Initiative watch.

Doug Cohen, CEO & founder of Flud, and Gary Wallace, the company's creative director, jumped at the chance to design a Hitman-inspired watch. Cohen has been a fan of the game series since way back when he played the original on the first XBOX model. Wallace was excited from a creative standpoint, and found that all of his inspirational ideas came from elements of Agent 47--the game's iconic lead character--himself. "To be stealthy is to be invisible," Wallace says, and he and Cohen together came up with a very unique idea: make the watch entirely clear. The two incorporated several other elements that are reminiscent of 47. The bar code that is on the back of his neck is mimicked at the bottom of the strap, and on the face of the watch, there is a subtle image recalling the man himself, with the three colors of his iconic attire--black suit, white shirt, and red tie--emblazoned on its face as well.

Both the 47 Initiative Flud watch and Hitman: Absolution itself hit stores today. You can order the game now by visiting, and you can get your watch exclusively on