Those of us that are planning to pre-order Grand Theft Auto V here in North America, will be getting a bonus t-shirt. Boring as that may sound, it's a really, really awesome t-shirt.

The Cult of Kifflom is an in-game religious group that was used by Rockstar as a viral marketing campaign for Grand Theft Auto V. Now all of the cool kids that were on the inside of the joke will be getting a super sweet t-shirt for pre-ordering.

Rockstar Warehouse will be sending out the light blue, 100 percent cotton shirts that bears the word "Kifflom" in white on the front and "The Tract Is Not Yet Written" on the back just below the neckline.

Check out the Cult of Kifflom website to learn more about the 12 tenets of Kifflom. Let us know if you pre-ordered on Twitter.