Nokia is taking a note out of Apple's legal playbook and is seeking the ban of Blackberry devices in a patent trial. 

The Finnish mobile giant accused Blackberry manufacturer RIM of infringing patents that enable the handsets to connect to WiFi networks. Nokia won a ruling against RIM earlier this year for the WiFi connectivity patents but has yet to collect the license fees. As a result, Nokia is now pursing a ban of all current Blackberry handsets in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

RIM previously satisfied a licencing deal where the WiFi patents were covered, and believes a second fee is not justified. In addition to this, the two mobile companies are currently battling in German courts in a separate patent infringement case dealing with media tags, software update methods and data sharing.

A ban is the last thing RIM needs on its plate right now, as the struggling smartphone manufacturer is trying to regain market share with the release of its Blackberry 10 software. 

[via Tech Radar]