This is not a movie, this is real life.

For Michael Canaii, accepting the fact his teenage daughter was sexually active was proving difficult. Upon learning that his teenage daughter was acting like a, you know, teenager, Canaii allegedly showed up at her Manhattan high school swinging a heavy chain with a padlock, threatening to fight "anyone in his path" while yelling "Who's fucking my daughter?" 

One kid made the mistake of making a snide remark to Canaii, who chased him down with his chain in comic book-style fashion. Despite causing a scene, Canaii's aunt, Sondra Williams says that "he's a good father." His lawyer says that he only showed up at the school because he had heard that his daughter was involved in gang activity.

Canaii was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and marijuana possession. His heart was in the right place, but he was in the wrong place. He just needs to listen to "Daughters" and relax.

There's another lesson here: Don't fuck with an angry man who's swinging a chain and looks like Eric B.

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[via Gawker]