Paper Mario: Sticker Star has barely been out for a day, and already the internet is uncovering its secrets. Redditor m64m reported yesterday that he had uncovered a mysterious string of numbers that appears to be a download or serial key in the game's world 5-1.

Digging through a trash pile in the level reportedly reveals numerous messages, one of which contained the serial key, according to m64m. He or she also posted the above image, though the quality is so terrible that it could well be a fake.

Has anyone else out there uncovered a similar code? It seems reddit has already tried entering it into everything from Club Nintendo to Steam, so far with no luck. We've contacted Nintendo to find out what's up—is it an alternate-reality game? Is it a product voucher? Is it just an inside joke? We'll let you know if and when we find out.

[via reddit]