A Michigan pastor reportedly confessed to murdering his fiancée’s daughter as part of a sex fantasy, then called on the congregation to pray for him before authorities discovered her body. 55-year-old ex-con John D. White was charged with first degree murder for killing 24-year-old Rebekah Gay on Friday. White had been engaged to Gay's mother, Donna Houghton, and often babysat her 3-year-old son.

Haughton helped White become the leader of the 14-member Christ Community Fellowship in Isabella County, MI. White admitted to hitting Gay in the head with a mallet, strangling her with a zip tie, stripping her naked, then dumping her body half-a-mile from her home last week. He returned to dress her son for Halloween and hand him over to his father.

White was released from prison in 2007 after serving 12 years for the death of a 26-year-old woman. He was also on probation for choking and stabbing a girl back in 1981.

[via Chicagoist]