When Marvel NOW was first announced earlier in the year, Uncanny X-Men was nowhere to be found on the company's release schedule. For decades this title had been the premier mutant book on the market, but it seemed like the company would be doing away with it in favor of other X books like Cable and X-Force and All-New X-Men.

But thankfully, the House of Ideas just announced the launch of a new volume of Uncanny that unites mutants like Cyclops, Magneto, Majik, and Emma Frost in a much more serious book. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Chris Bachalo, this book will focus on this new team of X-Men attempting to recruit new mutants to their cause by any means necessary.

“Although their actions, sometimes, may not have seemed heroic, their actions were always about trying to make the world better than it is,” Bendis told the official Marvel site. “Whether or not we thought it was for a better world is another question. Magneto, when written well, is trying to make the world better for mutantkind. He just doesn't think, or [didn’t think], that humans and mutants can or should get along.”

This will definitely be a much different X-Men book than we’re used to seeing, especially with Cyclops, Frost, and Magneto imposing their militaristic views on the mutant race. We’ll see how this all comes together when Uncanny X-Men gets relaunched in February. Check out the cover for the first issue below:

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[via Marvel]