According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers has made the surprising decision to release its upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, in 3D after a post-production conversion. This has been the dominant trend in Hollywood over the last half decade, so why are we considering this a “surprising” move? Well it’s mainly because the film’s producer, Christopher Nolan, is completely against 3D and never allowed the technology to be used on his Dark Knight trilogy. And with Nolan being the studio's golden goose at the moment, this announcement certainly wasn't expected.

Maybe Nolan feels that Man of Steel would actually benefit from this move, or perhaps the studio is listening more to the movie’s director, Zack Snyder, who is a proponent of 3D. Plus, there is always the added bonus of charging extra money for 3D tickets, thus increasing the film’s box office take. And remember, money always talks. 

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14 of next year.

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