One of the best ways for an actor to break through into the mainstream now is to star on an original HBO show early in their career. With the cinematic production values and serialized storytelling, it’s a great way for a young star to prove that they can make it both on TV and movies. And in yet another example of how closely studios are watching these shows for the next group of stars, Variety is reporting that Game of ThronesKit Harington has been cast in director Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming disaster film, Pompeii.

The movie will focus on a young slave named Milo (Harington) in Pompeii who dreams of buying his freedom and marrying his owner’s daughter. This is set to the backdrop of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of the city. We’ll see if Anderson can actually make this film watchable, unlike most of the projects on his résumé.

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[via Variety]