According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Cusack’s production company, New Crime Productions, is in the process of developing a movie biopic based on conservative talking head, Rush Limbaugh. If it’s not strange enough that a hardline liberal like Cusack would be tackling such a subject, the site is also reporting that he will actually play Limbaugh in the film.

There is a pretty big physical difference between the thin Cusack and the bulbous Limbaugh, so we can imagine that the makeup artists of Hollywood will have their hands full with this one. The site is also reporting that Betty Thomas is attached to direct the movie. Thomas has worked on satirical movies in the past like The Brady Bunch Movie and Private Parts, based on the life of another shock jock, Howard Stern.

The inclusion of Thomas could give us a feel for the tone that this project will go for. We wouldn’t be at all shocked if this turns into a full-on mockumentary or satire when all is said and done. The movie, tentatively titled Rush, will go into production next year.

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