Matthew McConaughey's The Dallas Buyer's Club - in which he portrays a man who is given only six months to live after contracting AIDs in 1986, but goes on to live six more years by illegally smuggling medication into the U.S. for himself and others infected with the virus - may finally have its female lead. Deadline is reporting that Jennifer Garner is in talks to star alongside McConaughey in the film as Dr. Eve Saks, a role that Hilary Swank was once attached to. The project has been in the works for a while, with tons of interest from well-known actors and directors in the industry, and McConaughey has been losing a ton of weight to play the protagonist - as of last month, he had dropped 30 pounds for the role.

With production set to begin on November 11th in New Orleans, it's likely that an announcement about Garner's role will be made soon.

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[via Deadline]