Best Example: Entourage

After a conceptual season that stalled Vince's (Adrian Grenier) winning streak and put him and the gang in underdog mode, the sixth season of Entourage basically took the year off. Vince and the Hollywood-insider storylines completely sit the season out in favor of an increased spotlight on the personal dramedies of E (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), and Drama (Kevin Dillon) and their various relationships.

The result wasn't terrible; a case can be made that it was an intentional decision worthy of being labeled a conceptual experiment the same way that season five was. And while it did spawn a classic episode or two, it was ultimately too breezy and too uneventful.

The seventh season gets back to business early on, once again balancing the fun Hollywood lifestyle with complications like Vince's burgeoning drug habit and destructive relationship with enabler Sasha Grey and a lawsuit against Ari (Jeremy Piven) that threatens both his agency and his marriage, along with the addition of Scott Caan as a rival manager and antagonist for Eric. It's just too bad the series settled back into an even less rewarding breezy pattern for its following final season.