The second season of Girls isn't due to premiere on HBO until January, but according to executive producer Judd Apatow, the Emmy-winning comedy's already got the go-ahead to begin filming season three.

"We’re about to shoot the third season of Girls," Apatow told YouTube's DP/30 Channel while promoting his new film This Is 40. According to Vulture, spokesperson for HBO remained mum on the subject of an early renewal for the series, just stating that the network is "looking forward to the launch of season two and hope to have good news shortly thereafter."

Apatow didn't elaborate on his statement about the third season much, but he did divulge that Girls creator and star Lena Dunham and him often trade scripts back and forth, and that she helped with the script for This is 40. "She’s such a great writer and creative person," he said, "she helped me with my script, so we’re trading scripts back and forth. I get inspired by reading her work every week."

Girls will premiere its second season on January 13th.

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[via Vulture]