Strapped for cash, George Zimmerman is currently mailing autographed cards to anyone willing to donate cash to his defense fund to help him fight second-degree murder charges. Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in February. Via his website, Zimmerman revealed the offer after explaining that his defense fund, which used to total $140,000, has now dropped below $15,000. 

According to the website, the defense fund's balance is "at its lowest, and new funds must be raised to support George's living expenses and legal costs." Zimmerman will send an autographed card mailed in an envelope with no reference to himself to anyone willing to assist financially.

Back in April, Zimmerman found himself in trouble when a judge first learned of his defense fund during a bond hearing. By that point, he had already spent $36,000 paying off credit cards and cell phone bills. Now, Zimmerman promises that the fund will be "independently managed," and will cover defense costs and living expenses, while the remaining money will go to his attorney.

Who would want an "autograph" from someone who's been accused of killing a teenager?

[via Miami New Times]