You can always count on Florida to produce the most outrageous headlines. Deputies were called to a Bradenton home to address a domestic dispute caused by, well, "early arrival." Esric Davis, 30, and his live-in girlfriend, Raquel Gonzalez, 24, were having sex when Davis reached orgasm before Gonzalez. He finished first, so she decided to finish him off.

A livid Gonzalez began "hitting and scratching" Davis, leaving marks near his eye and nose. She admitted that she "lost it," but deputies say she was still largely "belligerent and uncooperative." After being arrested, she was sent to Manatee County jail and charged with domestic battery. 

Davis said that Gonzalez frequently flips out on him, which makes you wonder how often he's quick with that trigger. Unsatisfied people are bound to take action.

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[via Gawker]