A man was stopped by police for suspicion of driving under the influence, and his boasts make Rick Ross's look tame. 64-year-old Johny Quincy Chaney was stopped after his black Hummer was clocked doing 110 miles-per-hour in Big Pine Key, FL, and after struggling out of the vehicle, Chaney had a lot to say. The Miami man said that he owned a construction company doing road work in Key West, and that after 72 hours of work, he just wanted to get home to his nine cats.

After failed sobriety tests, he was given a breathalyzer, which confirmed that he was drunk. In his pocket, a bottle for Endocet bearing his name was found, but it contained two substances not on the prescription. Once he was detained, Chaney claimed that he'd smuggled coke into the U.S. from Columbia, had killed people, and had ties to Pablo Escobar

After telling the deputy that he was someone he should fear, Chaney attempted to bribe him with an alleged $30,000 if he tampered with the results of the breathalyzer test. He was charged with DUI, eluding police, bribery, and possession of a controlled substance.

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[via Sun Sentinel]