According to Facebook, its more than one billion users upload over 300 million photos a day. We have a feeling that number may skyrocket in the coming months. 

The world's largest social network and the world's largest photo sharing service, is introducing a new feature for its mobile app called Photo Sync that will automatically upload all of the images stored on your smartphone. 

The photos will be uploaded to a private album and can be either shared with your Facebook friends, kept private, or deleted. Facebook has been testing the Photo Sync feature since August and will being rolling it out to users of its most recent app in the coming months. 

So, yes, all of the photos on your phone will be uploaded to Facebook's servers if and when you fire up its latest mobile app. If the idea creeps you out, the only comfort we can give is that Facebook told Ars Technica in August that it has improved the speed at which deleted photos are removed from its servers. 

[via CNET]