Address: 654 Peachtree St. NE

The food at Publik Draft House is decent, though overpriced. Credit for that is due to the spot's prime location: right next door to the historic Fox Theater. The bar tries hard to stay hip to the mixology trend, but fails. The area behind the bar is so cramped that the bartender (vested, obviously) has to keep several of his used ingredients on the bar itself. Watch your elbows, that's a pool of agave you're resting in. When business is slow, the apathetic wait staff doesn't hesitate to nap in front of customers. There's no smoking inside, but the proximity of Publik's front door to Peachtree Street causes problems for pedestrians and motorists as packs of smokers occupy the narrow sidewalk, flicking their butts into oncoming traffic. Publik was recently an open casting venue for MTV's The Real World. Enough said.