Address: 56 East Andrews Dr. NW

How sad is your life when you're entertained by the quest of obtaining a mystery code, locating an unmarked Buckhead stairwell, and dialing that code into a phone booth at the bottom of said stairwell to gain entrance to a secret speakeasy? What's even sadder is that everyone already knows Prohibition is there, yet you still have to go through the motions to make its staff feel validated and special. Even worse, you go through that that before a single sip of liquor crosses your lips.

The concept is simple and tired. We get it. It's a speakeasy! Drinks are overpriced, and bartenders take far too long preparing orders because they're obligated to chisel ice from a giant block, by the glass. Drinks are above average in quality—if they weren't, someone would've burned this place down—but wildly overpriced. Cigars are available at a premium and can be smoked inside. There are lockers emblazoned with the names of regulars proudly displayed by the front door. For all the lengths Prohibition goes to to remain true to the 1920s, the most glaring anachronism about this place is a flat-screen TV mounted behind the bar. The costume party is over, folks. Let's all go home.