Address: 56 East Andrews Dr. NW

East Andrews Cafe & Bar is the most central and popular bar in Buckhead's East Andrews complex. The clientele consists of three types: 1) Old, rich skeez-bags desperately trying to get their balls touched; 2) younger skeez-bags aspiring to wealth; and 3) desperate and wild women looking to bang the richest dude possible. It's typical to overhear humblebrags like, "I have a guy that stocks my humidor," and "You gotta diversify, bro." It's hard to tell the difference between these mating rituals and the ones you see on Animal Planet. The nightly soundtrack for social climbers at East Andrews doesn't vary much from Maroon Five to 50 Cent's "In Da Club." If you're lucky, the 311 cover band will blow—your eardrums out.