The CW’s Arrow might not revolutionize the way we look at TV dramas any time soon, but it’s an enjoyable comic book adaptation that gives the Green Arrow the respect he deserves. And one of the most impressive aspects of the show is how it manages to fit in multiple comic characters from the DC universe without feeling overbearing. And now, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, we have our first look at the show’s version of the Huntress, played by Jessica De Gouw.

In the comics, Huntress is an alias used by a few different characters over the years, but for Arrow she seems to be based off of the more notable Helena Bertinelli version of the character. Here she will be an antihero that goes to uncomfortable extremes to get revenge on criminals, which complicates her relationship with Arrow. She will debut on the show on November 28, and you can check out the first image of De Gouw below.

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[via EW]