After experiencing this and seeing the whole thing and how it works, what do you think of the possibility of a full-length Halo film?

I think definitely that this show is testing the waters for them, and it looks amazing. I mean, like, if I was the person who was pulling the trigger, I'd be like, "Let's do it." But, you know, you never know what they have in plans and what Microsoft or 343 wants to do, and whether or not they want to team up with a studio, and which avenue they want to go down. But from what I've seen and the job that Stewart Hendler [the director of Forward Unto Dawn] did, and all the other actors, it's awesome. So I'm—the universe of Halo is so massive. From, I mean, just for me, just getting a taste of a couple of those fictional novels, you can just see where it could go. And you could really have—you could have the movie go in any sort of direction. You could follow, like, ODSTs and kind of have this band of brothers feel to it, or you could do the sort of beginning of Master Chief and where he came from, with also other characters that are kind of part of his life at the beginning. Or, you know—or the way that they did it with the military academy and these young cadets [in Forward Unto Dawn]. So it's one of those thing, you know, the possibilities are endless, it's just getting the right team together, and pulling the trigger, and figuring out how much they want to spend kind of thing. So I'm all for it and I think it would be an amazing movie, if not a couple. You know, again, I can't pull that trigger.

So the other big thing you've got coming up is Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. What's going to be more epic: the final showdown in that, or the final climax of Breaking Dawn?

[Laughing] Well played. It's hard to say, I mean, the battle is so epic in Breaking Dawn. It's just such a massive—so many characters and so many things going on. Whereas Forward Unto Dawn's sort of battle scene is very—in a weird way intimate, with just a small amount of characters. But both very cool, both very different. I mean, you know, Breaking Dawn is hand-to-hand, and then you've got—you've got Forward Unto Dawn, where you've got giant aliens and a whole bunch of fun rifles and toys. So, I mean, not to alienate myself from either sort of fandom, I'm just going to have to say that both are going to be kick-ass.

What else do you have coming up that you want to talk about?

I've got a movie called Baytown Outlaws with Eva Longoria and Billy Bob Thornton, and I play one of these brothers, these three redneck brothers from Alabama, who kind of just live their lives doing—working on the wrong side of the tracks. And they get a chance to do something right in their lives by kidnapping back Eva Longoria's character's godson from her ex-boyfriend. So they totally think it's this easy smash-and-grab, get the kid, get some cash, and little do we know Billy Bob Thornton's character's this badass drug dealer, and it's anything but.

When's that coming out?

It's going to be early 2013. They haven't put a release date on it yet, but I'm thinking like February/March.

Thanks Daniel! Appreciate it.

You too.

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