Game: Dead Space
What Makes Them Bad: Grotesque creatures that wish only to infect the living creatures around them.
What Makes Them Cool: You can't kill these creeps, but it's tons of fun to slow them down.

Everyone these days loves their zombies. Over the past ten years the entertainment business has more or less been flooded with the undead, clawing their way into just about every major franchise you could dream of. The military stylings of Call of Duty, the untamed west of Red Dead Redemption, and even Japan's last street brawler Yakuza has seen an outbreak of the undead hit its streets. It's hard to find them scary anymore, But thanks to 2008's Dead Space and its sequels the dead are a bit more terrifying again. Once infected, people transform into any number of contorted abominations straight out of The Thing, with the sole purpose of killing everything in their path and spreading even further, the real kicker being that not only can they spread using corpses of the recently deceased but once they've changed you can't kill them. You can only dismember them to the point where they can't chase you down anymore (until they start growing limbs back at least). The cramped corridors and blood-stained walls of space stations and mining colonies make for a perfect setting where you find yourself constantly on edge wondering if you'll have to fight for your life around the next corner, or if you should stop and see what may be creeping right behind you.