Appeared In: Live and Let Die (1973)
Played By: Yaphet Kotto
Diabolical Weapon: Heroin
Killed By: A gas pellet Bond puts into his mouth, which causes him to blow up like a balloon and pop

Mr. Big is actually the drug lord alias of Dr. Kananga, the tyrant of the Caribbean island of San Monique. As Mr. Big, Kananga runs a chain of restaurants throughout the U.S., where he is planning on distributing his enormous supply of heroin for free. This will bankrupt his U.S. drug competitors in the mob, and it will also create an endless supply of addicts. Once he’s done that, he will begin charging for the heroin at record prices with no competition.

It’s a scheme that could only be plausible in a Bond movie, and it’s one of the only times that hard drugs entered the series. Mr. Big is also one of the rare black criminal masterminds that Bond has ever squared-off against. Aside from all that, Mr. Big has the best death scene yet: He blows up like a balloon and pops when Bond forces a gas pellet down his throat.