Appeared In: From Russia with Love (1963)
Played By: Vladek Sheybal
Diabolical Weapon: Chess prodigy's mastermind
Killed By: Stabbing with poison-tipped blade

Kronsteen is an interesting foe because he’s not directly tasked with killing Bond; he’s the man hired by Blofeld to think of how to pull it off. He’s a chess prodigy and is a master of planning out his moves and moving in for the kill, so orchestrating assassinations is second nature for him. But after his hired assassin, Red Grant, is killed by Bond, he returns to a dissatisfied Blofeld and is killed on the spot.

Before that, however, Kronsteen forever laid out the blueprint of the sophisticated Bond henchman that was dangerous, despite not getting his hands dirty. It’s been done since, but Kronsteen is still near the top of the heap.