Appeared In: Die Another Day (2002)
Played By: Toby Stephens (Graves), Will Yun Lee (Moon)
Diabolical Weapon: Icarus weapons platform
Killed By: Beings sucked into a plane engine

Where do we begin? First of all, Gustav Graves is the dullest Bond villain in the absolute worst Bond film in history. Second of all, Gustav Graves isn’t even real. In fact, the man everyone knew as Graves was actually Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, who had his appearance changed via gene therapy after being presumed killed by Bond.

This is still one of the more perplexing plot twists in the whole franchise, and it just served to make everyone realize that the Bond series needed a complete makeover. Thankfully, four short years later, we got our wish. Our advice? Stay as far away from this one as possible.