Appeared In: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Played By: Jonathan Pryce
Diabolical Weapon: The media
Killed By: Bond skewers him with a sea drill

Elliot Carver has the distinction of having perhaps the blandest name for a Bond villain ever. But he’s also one of the more refreshing foes because he wasn’t a clichéd mad scientist or military general; he was a psychotic media mogul who wanted to expand his empire into China. To do that, he needed to incite a war between the U.K. and China to bring about an eventual regime change.

This Rupert Murdoch-esque baddie is much different than nearly everyone else on this list. He’s still a Bond villain at heart, though, so that means his scheme is horribly convoluted and he often spends his time boasting, rather than taking action. Then again, isn’t that the charm of these characters?