Appeared In: Quantum of Solace (2008)
Played By: Mathieu Amalric
Diabolical Weapon: Axe
Killed By: Left in the desert by Bond; later found dead with two bullet holes in him

When you control the water, you control the land. It worked in Chinatown, and Dominic Greene attempts to use that philosophy in Quantum of Solace. His plan is to dam off the water to Bolivia and then set up a coup d'état that would allow him to sell water supplies back to the country at an inflated price.

Unlike other Bond flicks that dealt with terrorism and war, this one sets its sights on environmentalism. Greene isn’t a scarred, cartoonish villain, either; he is the type of evil that could actually exist in the world. Unfortunately his scheme is a little convoluted and unnecessarily long, which leads to the whole movie becoming a little confusing at points. Still, it was a bold change of direction for the franchise, and one that came close to working because of how stellar Amalric was in the role.