Appeared In: Live and Let Die (1973)
Played By: Geoffrey Holder
Diabolical Weapon: Sword
Killed By: Survives

This painted-up henchman is one of the most mysterious Bond villains of all time. He’s touted as being the actual immortal Voodoo god that he is named for, but a lot of villains have made outlandish claims before, so no one believes him. However, after seemingly surviving a sure-fire death at the hands of Bond towards the end of the movie, those claims seem to have been validated.

Although he technically works for Mr. Big in this movie, he’s not the typical “yes man” that we’re accustomed to. It’s unknown if Mr. Big even really trusts Samedi, or if he was just trying his hardest to take advantaged of his powers. There hasn’t been a villain before or since as strange as this one, but despite escaping death, he hasn’t been seen since.