I think that Treyarch and Activision did most of the motion capture work for Zombies Mode at a local Kinkos. Shambling, lifeless, dead-eyed legions looking for any sign of life to clutch on to. That has always been our experience at Kinkos. Zombies mode, right out of the gate is a much larger affair than before. Offering a more cooperative approach to goal achievement, the new Zombies mode contains several distinct modes of game play. Gone is the 'survive the next wave' only, seen in previous titles.

Tranzit is probably the most recognizable and dramatic shift within the Zombie menu. The trailers were being rolled out for months, showing a spectral bus trundling through an endless hell-scape of the undead. In Tranzit players are charged with constructing power sources, and riding an automated bus from location to location. It gives the mode a more story-driven bend, even if the story can seem a bit one dimensional. One of the largest issues with Tranzit is that players may find themselves in an ammo dessert, surrounded with very durable zombies, and forced to melee your way to survival. The addition of currency points puts a band-aid on the problem, but we found ourselves trying to punch-stab our way out of a shitty situation more than once. Tranzit is cool in a Resident Evil lite sort of way, but lacks any real staying power as a main attraction.

Grief is a four on four play mode that pits two teams against the legions. First team to outlast the other team, and the zombies, is the big winner. You can't attack the opposing team directly, but you certainly can fuck with them. So much so, that they get devoured and you and yours win the match. Interrupting revives, and trapping the other team are all fair game.

None of the modes in Zombies re-defines the features found in previous entries to the franchise. If anything, the whole thing feels like a mid-point between a stand alone Zombies title and the added modes of the past. I'm sure that Activision is working feverishly on a Zombies only title, but the current offering does guarantee a ton of replay value. Fun, but doesn't have the star power to be a draw on its own.

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