This is the final installment of our test-drive of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Check out the first half here so you know what the hell we're talking about. We got the rest of the campaign, zombie, and multiplayer under our belt and here is what we came up with.

Choice and outcome are also massive themes in Black Ops II campaign with the addition of 'Strike Force Missions'.

Players will be given control over teams of soldiers, drones, turrets, and other battle-ready units in a real-time-strategy digression from the main narrative of the campaign. The missions are optional, however, succeeding or failing in this missions will have a direct impact on the game. Strike Force centers on a coup attempt in the Asia/India region by the same para-military group that is looking to start WWIII. The relationship between America and China, whether or not we stay BFFs or become mortal enemies, is what hangs in the balance of these missions.

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activison
Release date: Nov. 13
Price: $59.99

Score: 9/10

You will be charged with defending against wave after wave of comic-book commandos in the Strike Force  mission, with each successive mission increasing in difficulty. Objectives range from defending a given position, assassinating a target, or rescue missions. The real-time-strategy is felt most pointedly when you swap from commanding your units as a group, or swapping to take direct control of a soldier or drone. This was a welcome feature, as we could still polish our FPS gun-lust while controlling the battle as a whole. Our only complaint about Strike Force Missions is that there weren't really enough of them

As a whole, the campaign does the best that it can while observing the limitations of current-gen consoles, balancing veteran and rookie fans' expectations for a Call of Duty title, and creating the heftier, star-studded plot that Treyarch had promised. Not the main attraction in any sense, the Black Ops II campaign does a hell of a job of not seeming tacked on, or an afterthought to the competitive multi-player shit-show that the franchise has become.


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