COD:BO2 gets an upgrade that no one saw coming.

When Call of Duty: Black Opsmade its world debut during a Saints vs. Steelers game back in 2010,

Release date: November 13
Price: $60
More info: Call of Duty website

The hype surrounding Black Ops was berserk. So it was no surprise that fans went ape shit when the sequel was announced for November. Sure, the main story of an all-consuming war on terrorists is enough to get cash out of gamers’ pockets, but the battle boners really came from the announcement of the title’s enhanced zombie mode. Treyarch, the development team behind BOII, promises that the popular core elements of the previous zombie mode will remain the same, but there will now be multiplayer gameplay along with extras like “zombie tennis.” Seriously, players will be able to play tennis and other sports against the undead. “We’re taking it to another place,” explains Jimmy Zielinski, Lead Animator of the game’s zombie mode. “There’s going to be more competition and team play built around sports and zombies.”

Treyarch’s philosophy on zombies is no-holds barred. Nothing is off limits. That’s why the team has gone to extremes with the revered mode. When asked about the inclusion of sexy zombie girls, Zielinski said, “Aren’t all zombies sexy?” To each his own. But even if you’re not turned on by the undead, Zielinski promises BOII will satisfy. “It’s going to be the biggest zombie experience that our fans have seen to date.”