A panel of Orange County Superior Court judges have upheld the conviction of a man who put semen in a co-worker's watter bottle. Kevin Michael Lallana was found guilty on two counts of battery for ejaculating into the water bottle that a co-worker had placed on her desk, a conviction he attempted to appeal. Lallana admitted to ejaculating into the victim's water bottle on two separate occassions, claiming that he did it because he was sexually attracted to her and "knew that her lips had touched the bottle."

The woman threw the bottle away the first time, noting that it tasted strange. The second time, she took it to a lab, and the presence of Lallana's DNA made it easy to identify him. Lallana was sentenced to six months to three years of probation, and was forced to register as a sex offender. However, his sentence was put on hold due to the appeal.

Lallana was also ordered to pay $27,000 in restitution to his victim for therapy and loss of wages after she quit her job.

[via LAist]