Let's start off on a high note: the writing and humor is, as always, excellent. Few other games (Portal comes to mind) have made me laugh out loud as consistently as Borderlands 2 does, and "Campaign of Carnage" is no exception. Yet most of the laughs come from one character: Mr. Torgue.

Torgue is the in-game weapon manufacturer that makes all the guns that shoot rockets instead of bullets. If you've ever equipped a new assault rifle only to accidentally blow yourself to bits shooting at a wall, then you've experienced the genius of Torgue. And Mr. Torgue is that philosophy incarnated in the body of Hulk Hogan mixed with The Venture Bros.' Colonel Hunter Gathers (both before and after the sex change).

He screams in rage-filled capital letters about how Torgue's shareholders modified his voice box to "bleep" every time he swears (it doesn't stop him). Gearbox lead writer Anthony Burch even hosted a hilarious in-character reddit Q&A yesterday.

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