Research in Motion (RIM), developer of Blackberry has released an update which brings an unique feature to its users. Blackberry Messenger, the popular messaging service, will now allow free voice calls via Wifi.

Once a leader in the smartphone market, RIM has seen it market share disappear with the growth of the iPhone and Android smartphones.

The ill-fated company however, hopes to recover some ground with the release of its new mobile software, Blackberry 10 launching January 2013. The free call feature will be available now to existing Blackberry users and will be included in Blackberry 10 also.

The BBM call feature will allow users to switch between text and voice calls. The actions can also be used simultaneously with a the new split-screen option in BBM.

With a large user base worldwide because of the BBM feature do you think free calls via Wifi will help the struggling company regain position as a top smartphone company in the United States?

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