As part of the ruling by U.K. High Court Judge Colin Birss on October 10th, Apple was required to post an apology to Samsung on its U.K. website for one month. While Apple did abide by those rules and issue a "mea culpa," good luck finding it.

According to news-sharing site Reddit, Apple installed a JavaScript code that dramatically resizes the central image, in this case, an iPad Mini. As one Hacker News reader points out, a "resize code was added just two days before the iPad Mini was announced, but also three days after the U.K. Court of Appeal upheld the original verdict." By using this code, the image of the iPad Mini and the four boxes below it containing additional product advertisements would take up the entire screen, regardless of the browser size. 

It's not confirmed whether this code was a deliberate attempt to hide any apology, we wouldn't put it past Apple to use such measures to skirt the Court of Appeal's ruling.

[via CNET]