It's that time of year when adults everywhere scramble to figure out just what the hell it is kids want these days. (We're going to guess Tickle Me Elmo won't make the cut this year). Relieving some of that stress is the Nielson company, which has used its polling prowess to determine the top 25 gadgets that kids are eager to buy this year. The list reads as a collection of the most coveted (and best marketed) electronics on the market, and it should make certain people in Cupertino very happy.

Four out of the top five most-wanted gadgets are Apple products, with only the freshly launched Wii U able to break up the iDominance. The number one most wanted device is the iPad— nearly half of all respondents said they wanted one— and the iPad Mini and iPod Touch tie for number three.

Better luck next year, Microsoft Surface.

[via BGR]