Aaron Sorkin has been hard at work on season two of his HBO show The Newsroom, but it's his other project that we're really excited about. In an on-stage interview with Tina Brown at The Daily Beast's Hero Summit today, Sorkin gave a revealing update on the Steve Jobs biopic he's currently scripting for Sony Pictures.

"It's fascinating because I'm meeting with all the people in Steve's life," he began. "From Wozniak to all the people who were around for the Macintosh... I've been able to talk with these people who revere him in spite of the fact that he made all of them cry."

Sorkin, who had been somewhat coy about the project up until this point, then dropped a bombshell. He revealed that the movie will comprise three scenes, each 30 minutes in length and taking place in "real time," meaning that 30 minutes of viewing will cover exactly 30 minutes in the lives of the characters on screen.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter further revealed that each of the three scenes will take place backstage before one of Jobs's famous product launches, specifically the Macintosh, NeXT and the iPod. That should take viewers from 1984 to 1985 to 2001, respectively.

Sorkin, who has probably received several terse emails from Sony executives since this afternoon, even tipped the ending of the film, saying that in his head he envisions the voice track from Apple's famous "Think Different" commercial playing over the final scenes.

Hmm, not exactly what we envisioned after reading Walter Isaacson's brilliant biography of Jobs, but it's certainly an interesting approach. What do you guys think?

[via The Daily Beast]