When: April 2007
Where: Melbourne, FL

Dr. Raymond Adamcik, 54, got acquainted with the law when he was arrested at a bar for allegedly groping women while dressed as Captain America. Important information: he did so with a burrito shoved down his tights. Adamcik was part of a bar crawl where everyone was dressed as cartoon characters and though several people were dressed as Captain America, he was the only one who couldn't keep his hands to himself. All of the Captain Americas were asked to step outside for identification, and one of the women positively identified Adamcik,

As police were booking him, Adamcik asked to use the bathroom. He used the time to try and flush the weed that was hidden in his tights, which further complicated his situation. He was charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and marijuana possession, but his most damning offense was disgracing Captain America.