When: October 2012
Where: Petoskey, MI

Batman has always had a strained relationship with the police, but this dude was practically begging to get arrested, simply for being a pain in the ass. Mark Williams, also known as the Petoskey Batman, was arrested last month for interfering with a police investigation. Authorities arrived at the scene of an accident where the driver had fled and ran into Williams, costume and all.

Williams ignored their requests to leave the scene, as they had a canine with them, and didn't want Williams to alter the scent. Williams said that he wanted to help look for the driver, but wound up pissing the police off instead. He was eventually charged with obstructing police during an investigation, and his costume and accessories were taken.

Previously, he had been arrested in May 2011 when police found him hanging from a roof, armed with a baton, chemical irritant spray, and lead-lined gloves. He was sentenced to six months probation and ordered to keep his costume permanently locked up in the bat cave. 

No one deserves him.