Cheater: Jesse James
Date Of Affair: April 2009 - March 2010

When it comes to describing tattooed-head-to-toe fetish model/San Diego-based stripper Michelle McGee, "freaky" might not cover it. Far from the type of girl to bring home to mom (unless your moms is, say, a circus-performing ex-porn star), this alluring illustrated woman caused quite a stir with a Nazi-themed photo shoot and racially charged tats like the "W" on the back of her left leg and the "P" on her right, which doesn't stand for "Wet Pussy," as first thought, but "White Pride." Who would cheat with a chick like this? Why a celebrity biker, of course, one who was inexplicably married to goody two-shoes Sandra Bullock.

Jesse James, star of reality show Monster Garage, watched his nearly five-year marriage go up in smoke just one week after Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar in March 2010. That's when Bombshell McGee dropped a bomb of her own and 'fessed up to In Touch Magazine that she had a 11-month affair with the motorcycle mechanic she nicked-named "Vanilla Gorilla." The un-PC tease went on to admit regret for her insensitive body work, saying, "I make a horrible racist Nazi. I have too many colored friends." The most shocking revelation of this whole messy episode? McGee was reportedly raised Amish.