Cheater: Tiger Woods
Date Of Affair: Summer 2005 - Fall 2006

When selecting mistresses questions like, "Does she look good in lingerie?" probably outweigh queries like, "Do the broad got tact?" Showing a bit of a tacky side, Mistress #4 in the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal, Jamie Jungers, told the press that she was in bed with Tiger when the wealthy athlete received the news that his dear ol' pops had passed away. Apparently, Jamie was only wearing panties at the moment he got the call. Why that info is important when discussing the death of a man you didn't even know is a debate for another time. Anyways, well, at least JJ looks good in thongs and stuff, especially since the sexpot was once employed as a lingerie model. She's also been a Las Vegas casino girl/blackjack dealer.

She was, however, never ever a hooker, as a former Hollywood madam accused her of being, which Jungers vehemently denied. But the platinum blondie, who first met Woods at Las Vegas' Bellagio hotel when he sent over a VIP hostess to let her know he wanted to bang her (i.e., meet her) and indeed did end up having "wild and crazy sex" with the golf swinger at the MGM Grand hotel that same night, did hit up Woods for some cash to help her through some financial troubles. Woods said no, claims Jungers, provoking her to end the affair right then and there. Now excuse us while we consult Webster's. We might have the definition of prostitution a wee confused.