Cheater: Louisiana Governor Earl Long
Date Of Affair: Spring 1959 - September 1960

Talk about a double whammy. Two things society frowned upon in the conservative 1950s was for a woman to be a stripper or a mistress. Blaze Starr was both. She was one of 11 children and left home at 14. By 15, Blaze was a professional exotic dancer. The Burlesque queen with fiery red hair was shaped like a Coke bottle (38DD-24-37 in her prime) and appeared on numerous magazine covers and in a few Irving Klaw fetish films. Her captivating face, physique and talents on stage (she had a routine where a couch would start smoking when she sat on it) made her money ($1,500 dollars per week at the peak of her career) and got her lots of attention.

One enamored admirer was colorful and outspoken Louisiana Governor Earl Long. Both were married when they met, but they developed a strong personal relationship that was the basis for Blaze, the 1989 film starring Lolita Davidovich and Paul Newman, which featured a cameo from the legendary stripteaser herself, who retired in 1983 at 51 years old. She told People in 1989 that she had also been close with JFK and admitted to having a quickie with the future Prez in a closet. They don't them like Blaze Starr anymore, who, by the way, is still alive.