Played by: Kevin Costner

The movie starts with his U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Tom Farrell embroiled in a love affair with the Secretary of Defense David Brice's (Gene Hackman) girlfriend. Things quickly unravel when the jealous Secretary learns that she's having an affair with someone and slaps her right off a balcony, accidentally killing her.

Brice covers up the killing by pinning it on the woman's lover, claiming the unknown gent is a long-rumored Russian sleeper agent named "Yuri," and ironically tasks Farrell with tracking him down. Little does anyone—including the audience—know that Farrell is indeed that KGB sleeper agent, planted in the U.S. when he was a teen. He was ordered to sleep with the Secretary's jumpoff in order to gain vital Department of Defense information from her. It's a twist no one expected, and it's an edginess rarely portrayed on screen by bland-ass Costner.