Played by: Richard Lynch

Most of the films on Chuck Norris’ résumé are out-and-out propaganda, and Invasion U.S.A. is a proud example of that. In the movie, Norris locks horns with a Soviet operative named Mikhail Rostov, who bands together a bunch of his communist friends and wages war on Florida. These Commies shoot up shopping malls, drive tanks through the streets, and riddle the American dream with bullets, all at the command of the psychotic Rostov. 

Of course this gains the ire of Norris, who immediately comes out of retirement as a CIA officer and guns for Rostov and his comrades. Rostov was incredibly cliché and one-dimensional, yet his plan was about as ballsy as we have ever seen. No communist villains had ever dared to pull up on American soil and invade (well, not since Red Dawn a year earlier), but Rostov dreamed big and almost got away with it.