Played by: Joseph Mazzello (Tim), Ariana Richards (Lex)

We’re lumping these two together simply because they complement each other in such irritating fashion. Tim and Lex Murphy weren’t just annoying by child star standards; they broke new barriers for obnoxious movie characters in general by giving a new name to stupidity.

These two couldn't follow directions if their lives depended on it, which, ironically, they do in the dinosaur park. Spitting in the face of logic, these brother and sister find themselves at death’s door countless times during the movie simply because they aren't playing attention to what everyone around them is screaming for them to do.

Oddly enough, the girl, Lex, proves to be a capable computer hacker, but even that is annoying because she has a smug attitude about it. Sure, she can hack into complex computer systems, but she can’t do simple things like close a door before a velociraptor attack or turn on a Jeep. How we wish those raptors finished these two off in the kitchen.