Played by: Hayden Christensen

How do you take the galaxy’s biggest badass and turn him into nothing more than a whiny emo kid? Easy: You just cast Hayden Christensen as a young Anakin Skywalker and make him read from a script that wouldn’t cut the mustard in your high school creative writing class. Whether he’s attempting to look angry while slowly turning to the dark side, or taking part in a creeptastic romance with Natalie Portman, Christensen found every way to get under our skin as a pre-James Earl Jones Darth Vader.

Every line of dialogue out of his mouth was tantamount to sucking on a lemon wedge after a root canal; it’s seriously that bad. It’s impossible to just blame Christensen, though, because we’re sure Marlon Brando would have a hard time bringing life to this character with the way George Lucas wrote him.